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Fairy Tail 518 Master Enchant: Erza Falls Into Irene’s Trap

Fairy Tail 518 Master Enchant will surely show the one-on-one battle between the mother and daughter, Erza and Irene. The last chapter disappointed a lot of fans as Wendy easily defeated Irene in her own game. Wendy and Irene exchanged bodies and Wendy showed her mastery of enchantment magic.

Fairy Tail 518: Is Irene Really That Weak?

Ever since the Alvarez Arc introduced Irene Belserion, the Scarlet Despair had more than just one scene where she proved her power. She faced Acnologia and even managed to impress the main villain in FT manga. Irene also did cast the Universe One magic which changed the geographical structure of the whole Earthland.

Because of this, we couldn’t believe it when Wendy defeated Irene by knocking the latter out of her body. Irene mastered the body enchantment magic for years but was unsuccessful. However, the child dragon slayer Wendy performed the enchantment without prior knowledge about it.

After the last chapter, we started having doubts about Irene’s full potential. Erza could do some real damage to Irene by just doing battles while Wendy defeated Irene in her enchantments. Now that it’s only Erza vs. Irene, we know that Erza will definitely win, without even considering her plot armor.

Irene May Have Something Up In Her Sleeve

Wendy unbelievably beat Irene in her own game. Because of this, we start to think that Irene may have been doing this on purpose. We know that in the history of the Fairy Tail manga, families pretend to be evil to achieve a heartbreaking goal.

Remember Gray Fullbuster’s father, Silver? During the Tartaros Battle, Silver told Gray that he was indeed Deliora in Silver’s body. It turned out, however, that Silver just wanted his own son to end his life because he felt guilty of the crimes he committed.

What if this is what Irene wants all along? She may have been feeling guilty from all the deaths caused by the dragon slayer magic. Her invention also caused the awakening of the devil inside Acnologia and she even tried to kill off her innocent child.

We don’t know for sure if Irene Belserion already turned completely evil but we know that she bears bitterness in her heart from all the betrayal she received when she became a dragon.

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