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Empire Season 3: What Fans Should Expect After Mid-Season Finale

Empire Season 3 recently aired its mid-season finale. The first half of Season 3 came to a close with some startling revelations. The heavy political and power dynamics between the Lyon family members came to the fore like never before. Spoilers Ahead!

The female lead of Empire Season 3, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) figures out that her partner Angelo (Taye Diggs) was issued with a DUI in the past. Not just that, a girl in the car was also found dead. It looks like Angelo left the girl to die in the car.

Empire Season 3: Will Lucious Lyon Bring Out Angelo’s Truth?

When speaking to Variety, executive producer Sanaa Hamri, said that the accusations against Angelo should be seen in serious light. Since Angelo took a harsh decision of letting a girl die in the car, Lucious is trying to prove to Cookie that Angelo is not all that she thinks he is.

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Now, Cookie might have difficulty believing this considering the history of animosity between Lucious and Angelo. The reason why Lucious wants Angelo’s truth to be out in front of Cookie could be for any reason at all. The director points out that Lucious seems more wary of Angelo as he sees Cookie’s high school love interest Barry in him. Lyon clearly knows that he was the one who separated Cookie and Barry. So, he wouldn’t want Angelo to take that place.

Cookie and Lucious Reunion Happening?

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The director points out that it is too early to see if a reunion between the two heads of Empire Entertainment is on the cards. The way Cookie’s character is carved, it is much likely that she will be digging deep to know about Angelo. She is not the one to give up so easily.

Jamal is in rehab and he would be seen fighting off his addiction once the show returns after Empire Season 3 mid-season finale. Will he come out bitter against his family or better is one thing to look out for? Another of Lucious’ sons Andre had earlier threatened to kill him. The director says he is very serious about his threat. And he may be seen looking for ways to take his father down.

Watch out for Andre’s schemes to kill his father in second half of Empire Season 3. And also the testing of the relationship between Cookie and Lucious along with Jamal’s return from rehab to stardom

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