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Empire Season 3: Eva Longoria Joins Cast As Villain; Empire In Trouble

Empire season 3 news have been making rounds online after the show went on a break. The third season is set to return in March. Exciting new updates have been revealed, where Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Baston is set to make an appearance on the show. Find out what you should expect when Empire returns after its mid-season hiatus.

Empire Season 3 Spoilers: Eva Longoria Join Cast Aas Villain

According to a report from TV Line, the 41-year-old actress is joining multiple episodes on FOX’s hit drama series. Longoria will play the role of Charlotte Frost, a “formidable director” of the state gaming commission who has massive power to control Lucious Lyon’s (Terrence Howard) music empire. The next episode will show Lucious planning to expand his business to Las Vegas, and Miss Frost will definitely get in the way of that.

Business aside, the same publication reports that Charlotte’s “alluring facade, lies a force of darkness and corruption.” While Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) may have seemed to move on with Angelo Dubois (Taye Diggs), it seems like Lucious is getting his slice of romance with Charlotte this time around.

Fans now speculate that Longoria playing the villain could also mean that she will get in the way of Cookie’s role as the co-CEO of Empire.

Empire Season 3 Updates: Show Returns In March

The show left with viewers with Lucious and Cookie in a big argument. Lucious was tricked by Diana (Phylicia Rashad) into cutting a deal that did not push through. He then exposed Angelo’s secret. As it turns out, Angelo had a DUI incident, but things took a different turn. A journalist unearthed how the woman Angelo was with died when he left the scene.

Lucious also announced his new music project, Inferno, and tells everyone to back off. Andre Lyon (Tray Byers) decided to move on, after Rhonda (Kaitlyn Doubleday) fell to her death in the show’s second season finale. His true colors are also slowly being seen, with him being more vengeful than ever.

The Desperate Housewives vet joins actors and musicians including Taye Diggs, Rumer Willis, Nia Long, and Phylicia Rashad.

FOX’s popular music series returns to small screens on March 22 at 9/8c. The show will continue its 18-episode run for a fourth season set next year.

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