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Elementary Season 6 In Trouble, Cancellation Possible

By middle of May, networks must make the tough calls—to cut some TV series or to offer an extended season. One of the series currently on the chopping board is Elementary, a show that brought a new perspective into Sherlock’s and (Dr. Joan) Watson’s world.

As May is fast approaching, CBS is looking into the possibility of maybe canceling Elementary because of some cold hard facts—figures. The decision will largely be based on what the future holds for the show, creatively, but network executives will also look into the highs and lows of ratings.

Elementary Is Receiving The Ax?

Currently, Elementary Season 5 is averaging a 0.68 rating in the vital 18-49 demographic with 5.10 million viewers. That rating is down by 29% and by 11%, respectively, compared to Season 4. That’s an average drop for a series that has no steady fan base, which is primarily because the show has settled into a doldrum.

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Among CBS shows, it’s only just a little bit above the low-buzz midseason drama Ransom. This makes it a prime suspect for being cut off the air.

Back when it first premiered, Elementary was the “something new” of TV. Watson is a woman, after all, and this might mean that the long-theorized plot on Sherlock can finally be given some focus. Yes, Watson is finally a woman and she and Sherlock can have a romantic entanglement, right?

In just a few short seasons, though, Elementary’s main charm has dried up. There were no heavily serialized storylines and the series has revisited old and used up plots such as romances and mythologies. There were interesting personal plots such as Papa Holmes and Moriarty’s organization, but the show failed to capitalized on these.

Still Want To Save Elementary?

Of course, those who prefer procedural dramas like Elementary may still want for another season. After all, the show is still pretty solid when it comes to solving crimes and journeying through the syndicated crimes in modern-day New York.

It’s also refreshing to see the very platonic bond between Sherlock and Watson, who, from the get-go, neutralized the questions of “will they or won’t they?” questions. The addition of Shinwell Johnson in the latest season is leading many to believe that Elementary will continue for at least another year. He’s a new blood, and a series always needs a new face to capture the audience.

We’re just a few more months away from any announcement of a cut or an extension. So, here’s hoping we’ll get to see another season of Elementary.

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