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Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf: Why Can’t We Find Him

Fans are on the edge after the seventh episode of Teen Wolf. Stiles, portrayed by Dylan O’Brien, is still in captive by the Ghost Rider. Scott is already desperate to save his best friend but a lot of enemies are in his way. With the clock ticking, is this going to signify a goodbye Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf?

Stiles’ fate in the show is unclear as of now. There were also rumors that Dylan O’Brien will leave Teen Wolf for good. The rumors began when a costume supervisor posted on his social media account about “filming the last day” with O’Brien. Although the post was taken down, many fans began to panic that Stiles will be killed off in Teen Wolf. With things dark as of the moment, one question looms in every fan’s mind: Will Scott fail in saving Stiles?

What Will Happen To Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf?

As of episode 7, Heartless, Stiles was still in the company of the Ghost Rider. Teen Wolf Season 6 will go on a hiatus soon and many questions are still unanswered. Scott and his pack are out of time but it seems like more and more obstacles are preventing them from meeting their goal.

The eighth episode, Blitzkrieg, will air next week. According to the official synopsis, Scott, Malia and Lydia will do what it takes to get Stiles back. On the other hand, Hayden, Mason, and Liam will strike a deal with Theo to learn Douglas’ real plans.

Fans can expect fast-paced action from Blitzkrieg. There will also be suspense, as Theo intends to get something in exchange for spilling Douglas’ plans.

Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf: Will He Make It?

In the official sneak peak, Liam was convincing Scott that Theo can help Stiles. However, the Alpha was having a hard time trusting Theo but claims he “can’t lose Stiles”. Liam said that they should try anything to just to save Stiles. The clip ends with Scott looking determined and saying “convince me.”

Viewers are still unsure regarding the fate of Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf. Whether he lives thanks to Scott or not, fans will have to wait till next week for Blitzkrieg.

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