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Dylan O’Brien: Fans Think He’ll Get Killed Off Soon

Teen Wolf fans were excited to finally see Dylan O’Brien back in the show. Many were worried for the actor’s condition after he sustained injuries while filming a movie. However, there were speculations that O’Brien’s character won’t be seen much in the future. This prompted fans to panic and claim that Stiles Stilinski might be killed off in Teen Wolf.

MTV’s successful fantasy TV series follows the life of Scott McCall. McCall’s ordinary life drastically changes when he was bitten by a werewolf and become one himself. Thrust into a world where he didn’t think existed, McCall began to balance his new identity with his student life.

Where The Rumors Began

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According to Teen Vogue, rumors began when costume supervisor Daniel Flores posted a photo on Instagram regarding the rumored last day of filming with Dylan O’Brien. The post has been taken down by Flores already. However, that did not stop fans from reacting to the post.

With Stiles still in the hands of the Ghost Riders, fans couldn’t help but speculate about his fate in his captors’ hands. Many began to come up with drastic conclusions, including Stiles’ possible death in the show.

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Is It Goodbye Dylan O’Brien?

Dylan O’Brien himself has not made any comments regarding the rumors. There are some fans who take the news with a grain of salt, saying that there’s still a lot for Teen Wolf to film. With so much going on, another costume designer named Adam West used Twitter to tell fans to relax.

West put up three posts in his account, saying fans should calm down. In his first post, West said that an actor’s schedule is one of the main concerns when filming. He added, “Someone’s ‘last day of shooting’ doesn’t tell you anything.”

He also told fans to stop requesting to follow his Instagram account. The designer then went on to say that he does grant strangers’ request to follow him.

“If you are a true Teen Wolf fan, just chill,” the designer noted.

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