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Duggar Family: New Sex Scandal Erupts After Josh Duggar’s Molestation, Infidelity Controversies

Just when the Duggar Family was of little account to America, they are back in everyone’s radar. Yes, sexual harassment allegations again!

Just when the memories of Josh Duggar’s sexual molestation scandal from 2015 was fading away, there erupts another scandal. This time, however, no direct involvement from any members of the Duggar family. Jim and Michelle threw an engagement party to their kids’ live-in tutor, Tabitha Paine. Tabitha’s fiancé Timothy Robertson seems like a jolly go-to-guy, but there’s more to him than what meets the eye.

Duggar Family: Controversies

Let’s keep the misdemeanors of the Duggars aside for now and stick to Timothy. Case in point, Timothy was convicted back in 2000 on charges of third degree ‘non-consensual sex’. In Touch has the exclusive photos of Timothy’s Certificate of Pardon too. Timothy, however, maintains that it happened way back in time and that he was ‘falsely accused’.

When Timothy’s mother Ruby Ann Robertson was asked about her take on the matter, she sticks to her guns. According to her, these incidents are part and parcel of youngsters’ party. Not only did her son plead guilty to those charges, but also was on probation. After paying a restitution amount and serving the probation time, he was granted pardon.

The eldest son of the Duggar family, Josh, was a subject of media frenzy due to his molestation revelations. Not to mention, Josh publicly came clean about his abominable acts of fondling his own sisters. Following which, TLC pulled the plug on the 19 Kids & Counting reality series. Duggars and controversies have gone hand-in-hand even before this incident broke out, of course.

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Unconventional Stance

Firstly, Jim and Michelle Duggar caught the attention of the media after giving birth to 17 children. They say no to contraception, believe in homeschooling and chaperoned courtship, for starters! Let’s not even go down their stance on LGBT issues, for it goes on for hours on end. Also, they are the supporters of Quiverfull movement, but in denial!

Surprisingly, there was a furor over the cancellation of the reality series. Close to 100,000 signatures in came up asking TLC to keep the show running. Contrary to that, similar numbers were seeking cancellation too. That should pretty much explain the duality that delves in our society.

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