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Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Spoilers: Goku vs Toppo; Air Date Delayed

Dragon Ball Super is getting more exciting as the Tournament of Power continues. In Dragon Ball Super episode 82, reports say that Goku will face Toppo and things will get more interesting as he gets challenged by this powerful fighter. However, speculations are also rife that the upcoming episode might be delayed. Read on to find out what you can expect from the popular anime series.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Recap: Bergamo Lost To Goku

Last week, episode 81 concluded with Goku winning against Bergamo. Before their fight, Bergamo told all the Gods that it is Goku’s fault of having such a brutal tournament in the first place. It was previously mentioned that whoever loses in the tournament will get their Universe erased. Hence, Bergamo tells Zen-Oh that if he won against Goku, the rule about the Universes getting wiped out will be abolished. Because of this, a lot of the fighters sided with Bergamo. Thankfully, The Grand Priest warns Goku about this deal and in the end, it was Goku who won the fight.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Spoilers: Goku vs Toppo

According to Christian Post, the series’ 82nd episode will show Goku going head to head against Toppo. Entitled Never Forgive Son Goku! Toppo The Warrior Of Justice Intrudes, fans can expect an epic showdown between Universe 7’s and Universe 11’s strongest fighters.

The preview for the upcoming episode shows Goku fighting the team leader of Universe 11. In the clip, it was also teased that several fighters from the multiverse doubt Goku as a Saiyan. Instead, many fighters now deem him as a villain. Fans know that Toppo is also known as the Warrior of Justice, and he wants to sway the other characters in thinking that Goku is really evil.

Many fans now speculate that Goku would likely lose his match against Toppo. After all, Toppo might just be the strongest guy that Goku fights with, who is not a god. While Toppo looks anxious to face Goku, Goku on the other hand appears to be very excited to fight in the arena with someone so powerful.

The new arc teases Goku as a villain. Is it being done on purpose? It would be exciting to see things pan out and find out if Goku is really a baddie in the series.

Don’t miss out this epic showdown between Goku and Toppo. While the episode was originally scheduled for March 11, the producers announced that Dragon Ball Super episode 82 will air on March 18 instead.

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