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Dragon Ball Super Episode 81: Goku Goes Head To Head With Bergamo

Dragon Ball Super episode 81 is sure to pack in on intensity as the tournament continues. Last week, fans saw Gohan face off against Lavender, where the match ended in a draw. What awaits when episode 81 hits small screens this week? Read on to find out!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 Recap: Goku And Lavender’s Battle

The second fight in the Tournament of Power showed fighters from Universe 7 and Universe 9 go head to head. While it seemed like an evenly-matched episode, it was later revealed that Gohan could not sense Lavender’s energy. This resulted to Goku’s son needing to look at his opponent’s punches and kicks so he could fight. Things were going well, until Lavender started to use dirty tricks up his sleeves. Viewers were shocked when they saw Lavender spray poison gas, which hit Gohan’s eyes. It blinded Gohan, and he was lucky to survive, because if the gas spread out far enough, Goku’s body would have rot in an instant.

Because of this, Gohan became more perceptive and tracked Lavender’s movements. By listening closely, he was able to deliver strong blows at his opponent, much to the surprise of Lavender and his Universe 9 friends.

The match ends with a draw, and this does not come off much as a surprise. Despite Lavender’s nasty tricks, Gohan’s confidence did not falter. At the last minute where it seemed like Gohan would win, he collapses and the match is declared as a draw. Gohan is saved by his father as Senzu Bean drains the poison from his body.

The episode ends with The Grand Priest reading new rules about the Tournament of Power, written by The Zeno-Oh. The new rules reveal the existence of more universes that they need to destroy, and the tournament will be put to hold because of this.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Spoilers: Goku vs Bergamo

Comic Book reports that a preview has been released for the upcoming episode. The clip gives fans a glimpse of Goku’s upcoming fight against Bergamo. In one scene, Goku is in his Super Saiyan state as he lands a strong kick against Bergamo’s gigantic form. The upcoming battle between these two warriors will be the final match-up for Omni King’s exhibition trials.

With the new arc in place, the rest of the universes will go head to head in a high-stakes tournament. Whoever loses in this tournament will have their universe destroyed, together with their God of Destruction.

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