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Dragon Ball Super Episode 80: Gohan vs Lavender; First Look At Female Broly

Dragon Ball Super episode 80 is highly anticipated by fans, after an exciting episode last week. The show kicked off a new arc where Omni Knight arranged a tournament for all the universes. In episode 80, Gohan is set to enter the arena as he tries to beat Lavender from Universe 9. Will Goku’s son remain victorious? Read on to find out!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80: Gohan Battles Lavender

The trailer for DBZ‘s newest episode features Goku’s usual voice over, praising Lavender’s fighting skills. Lavender is apparently “more psychotic” than his teammate Basil, the wolfish character, who lost against Majin Buu in last week’s episode.

Though despite Lavender’s daunting personality, Gohan is in high spirits that he can easily take down Lavender. Of course, Goku is all out in supporting his son, though he is wary that Lavender could cheat his way to victory. The synopsis for episode 80 also reveals that he will urge his son to use Lavender’s cheating to his advantage.

“Gohan is blinded! His battle against the venomous Lavender begins! Universe 7 is pumped after their victory in the first round! Moving on to the second round, Gohan is up against warrior Lavender. Blinded by poison, Gohan cannot read Lavender’s ki and seems to be in for a tough fight,” the official synopsis reads.

Dragon Ball Super Updates: New Image Of Female Broly Revealed

A report from Comic Book revealed that a new image of the Female Broly fighter has been released, giving fans a clue what to expect from the heroine’s transformation. As per the outlet, the last issue of V Jump magazine features a story dedicated to Dragon Ball Super‘s brand new arc. It was very evident that the Female Broly figure looked very different than before.

The newest image shows the female fighter very ripped. Instead of glowing white irises, she now had “color pupils.” While this new change surprised fans, many took to social media to talk about the changes with the show’s popular heroine. Many believe that the Female Broly a “graded transformation” from what was shown in the original teaser. This change is very much like how Goku has Super Saiyan 1-3, the heroine allegedly also has “various states” she must power through to harness her Legendary Saiyan-like powers.

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