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Dragon Ball Super Episode 78: Omni King Attends Tournament Of Power; Show Announces New Directors

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 is set to bring an explosive series of events. The highly-anticipated series is set to bring the king of the 12 universes Omni King to the Tournament of Power this week. It won’t be just an ordinary battle between the 12 universes, as the one who loses will experience one of the harshest punishments by the leader himself. Read on to find out what awaits in episode 78!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78: Omni King To Attend Tournament of Power

According to a report from Christian Post, Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 is set to feature the biggest battle between the 12 universes. The clash, dubbed Tournament of Power, will be attended by the king of the 12 universes himself, Omni Knight.

Fighters from all universes are getting ready, because whoever loses the fight is in for a ruthless punishment. Interestingly, a new arc begins this week too. Toei Animation previously announced that starting from episode 77, a new arc called The Universal Saga is set to unfold.

A preview for the new arc made its premiere recently which showed a “deeply bored” Goku. It showed Goku constantly asking for an inter-universe martial arts tournament which the king has allowed in episode 78. As Goku prepares for the tournament, he tells his partner Vegeta to do the same. However, it seems like Vegeta is hesitant to train as the brave fighter and wants to be by Bulma’s side when she gives birth. Will this pose as a problem for the upcoming fight?

As per the same source, a known translator of Dragon Ball Super synopses Todd Blankenship, recently shared the English translation of episode 78’s preview as revealed by the Japanese publication Weekly Shonen.

Based on the translate synopsis, Omni Knight’s presence during the tournament could mean the end of other universes. Apparently, the king has decided to punish whichever god loses their battle by wiping out their world. That said, Goku’s first battle against Universe 9 is something he has to carefully plan for. So upon learning what Omni Knight had planned out, Goku decides to try and build an alliance with the best fighters across the universe.

Dragon Ball Super Welcomes New Directors

Comic Book also reports how the anime series has roped in two new directors. The outlet notes that Dragon Ball Super is now being overseen by two new directors, namely Tatsuya Nagamine and Ryota Nakamura.

When the show aired back in July 2015, Kimitoshi Chioka stood as the series’ first director. Morio Hatano then took over in episode 33 before Kohei Hatano assumed the role. Now, Nagamine and Nakamura will be in charge of the show’s future as its delves into the Universal Survival arc. The most recent episode also introduced fans to a brand new opening theme.

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