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Dragon Ball Super Episode 75: Goku Trains With Krillin

After last week’s explosive episode, Dragon Ball Super updates have been making rounds online once again. This time, Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 is sure to get fans hyped again! Reports are rife surrounding what’s in store in the upcoming episode. Read on to know more!

Dragon Ball Super episode 75 spoilers: Goku destroys Chi Chi’s farm

Blasting News has released exclusive updates on the show’s upcoming episode. Interestingly, the next episode will be entitled Goku and Krillin Back Home For Training. As the title suggests, episode 75 will focus on Goku training with Krillin. Fans will remember Krillin as the martial arts expert who settled down with his family, and now works as a police officer. Goku insists that he really wants to train with him despite Krillin’s day job, and so they both pay Master Roshi a visit.

Now on the  course of their training sessions, Goku accidentally destroys the farm  around him. Chi Chi, the rightful owner of the farm he just destroyed, gets mad at Goku and unleashes her anger upon both of them. The same outlet also notes that while the episode focuses on training, it will also show the deep bond between Goku and Krillin.

Dragon Ball Super episode 75 will also highlight Goku and Krillin’s friendship

Another report from Korea Portal mentions just how closely knit Goku and Krillin are. Fans will remember that both of them experienced rigorous training at the hands of the old Master Roshi. Both of them grew up together and looked out for one another. Although in the end, there are speculations that Goku would “surpass his intrepid companion” since he also gave it up when Krillin had a family.

Interestingly, the upcoming episode will also reportedly show the appearance of all the twelve gods of destruction and their assistants. Definitely, this will get fans excited once again as they anticipate seeing the other fighters from the other universes! The same publication also teases that Gohan and Trunks will make a cameo in the show’s next episode.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 is set to air on Feb. 4.

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