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Doctor Who Season 10: Release Date, Plot, Everything You Need To Know

BBC released the new Doctor Who Season 10 trailer and it gives viewers a sneak peek of the Time Lord’s new adventures. Apart from a new sidekick and Nardole’s return, the trio will also be exploring old and new locations. Are you ready to take a trip with Doctor Who?

After a few Doctor Who Season 10 teasers circulating the internet, BBC releases the series’ official trailer. Fans will get a glimpse of what Season 10 has in store for them. From the looks of it, Peter Capaldi’s character is going to have a very busy season.

Doctor Who Releases Official Trailer

TV Line reports that in Capaldi’s last season as the famous Time Lord, he will have a new companion. The outlet notes that Pearl Mackie will take on the role of Bill, the doctor’s sidekick. She succeeds Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) who left the series in the Season 9 finale.

The trailer shows snippets of the duo in Mars and the 1814 era. One of the scenes featured in the trailer is about Mackie’s character getting very excited with a robot that speaks emoji. Despite a fun vibe, the Time Lord has a strange feeling that “something’s coming.”

Meanwhile, the Telegraph takes notice that Nardole (Matt Lucas) is back in the series. The latter report further notes that the character first appeared in the series’ 2015 Christmas episode titled The Husbands of River Song.

The outlet notes that based on Nardole’s presence at 2016’s The Return of Doctor Mysterio, viewers can expect a bit of twist in his role. According to the source, Lucas’ Nardole will be “funnier and more fleshed-out.” Meanwhile, Doctor Who fans need to watch Season 10 and see whether the Time Lord’s other sidekick will make you laugh or not.

Doctor Who’s Enemies

The publication reports that the Time Lord will have new monsters to battle, starting with robots that have emojis as faces. Moreover, the trailer also showed an image of a young girl soaked with water saying the word “exterminate.” The outlet posed a question if this girl came from Dalek’s human puppets.

Apart from the robot and the young girl, Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffat brings back familiar enemies. The outlet cites the Daleks, the Mondasian Cybermen, and the Ice Warriors as the doctor’s recurring enemies.

Meanwhile, the publication reports that series’ writer, Mark Gatiss promised a new twist about the Ice Warriors. The outlet notes that the Ice Warrior made an appearance in the recent Doctor Who trailer and it appears to look “sleeker.” Because of the Ice Warrior’s svelte figure, there are speculations that the monster is a woman.

The Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 1 premieres on April 15 at 9/8c on BBC. What can you say about the new trailer? Share your thoughts with us!

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