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Doctor Who Season 10: Cancellation Rumors Persist After Peter Capaldi Confirmed Exit

While Doctor Who season 10 premiere was announced for April this year, it now seems that the show is uncertain after actor Peter Capaldi announced his exit from the show. This news left fans of the popular BBC sci-fi series shocked and upset as they anticipated the return of the show for its tenth season. What is truly happening and what does Capaldi’s exit truly mean for the show’s future? Read on to know more.

Doctor Who Season 10 Updates: Peter Capaldi Leaving The Show

According to a report from TV Line, lead actor Peter Capaldi is stepping down from the show. He said he is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year. Fans remember the 58-year-old actor to be the 12th actor to play the Doctor in 2013. He also mentioned how the forthcoming 10th season would be his last.

“I feel sad, I love Doctor Who, it is a fantastic program to work on. I can’t praise the people I work with more highly, but I have always been someone that did a lot of different things,” he said.

Capaldi revealed how he was asked to stay on after his contract expired, but he wanted to explore other opportunities. Capaldi’s Doctor Who season 10 final episode is said to be shown on Christmas 2017.

Doctor Who Season 10: How Will The Show Move Forward?

Comic Book reports that show runner Steven Moffat also made a statement regarding the actor’s departure from the show.

“For years, before I ever imagined being involved in Doctor Who, or had ever met the man, I wanted to work with Peter Capaldi. I could not have imagined that one day, we’d be standing on the TARDIS together. Like Peter, I’m facing up to leaving the best job I’ll ever have, but knowing I do so in the company of the best, and kindest, and cleverest of men, makes the saddest of endings a little sweeter,” he wrote.

While this leaves fans on a bittersweet note, the actor confirmed that he’s still filming the series and revealed that they’re “about four episodes away from the end.”

The new batch of episodes will hit TV screens on April 15 at 9/8 p.m. CT on BBC America. The premiere is set to be followed by the release of BBC’s new Doctor Who spin off, Class.

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