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Disney Shows Gay Couples Kissing In ‘Star Vs The Forces Of Evil’ – It’s About Time!

The Disney first gay kiss, recently seen in the Star vs. The Forces of Evil episode created a stir online. Many hoped that this meant that the multinational company would stop ignoring queer storylines and eventually embrace the LGBT community.

Disney First Gay Kiss Featured In Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil

Star vs. The Forces of Evil viewers witnessed an important moment in television history last week. NewNowNext reported that the Disney’s hit show promoted LGBT visibility in one of the show’s scenes. The outlet noted that the Disney first gay kiss historic moment happened when Star and Marco went to a concert.

In the video, Star was seen enjoying the song. A few minutes after, the young girl took notice of the couples around her. The camera moved to focus on couples who started smooching while the music played in the background. One of the couples in that scene were two men. The same-sex couple locked lips while the camera continued to focus on the other pairs.

Refinery29 reported that Disney did not just feature a same-sex kiss once but twice! The latter report noted that after the two guys, the camera focused on two women kissing. Though both sequences were quick, Disney showing it on a kid’s television program only conveyed one message: “same-sex love is no big deal.”

The outlet further notes that though it was a small scene, it actually has a big impact on kids these days. Moreover, the source notes that it “helps promote tolerance and acceptance of LGBTQ individuals.

Netizens React On The Same-Sex Kiss

This historic scene caught the netizen’s attention and they immediately posted their thoughts on Twitter. One user of the 140-character social media service highlighted the two same-sex couple kissing and tweeted, “So this was in the most recent episode of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Thank you and Goodbye.”

Meanwhile, others commended Disney for featuring its first same-sex kiss (or two). Twitter user @AndyGraham120 tweet reads: “This makes me all types of happy. Disney just aired its first same-sex kiss in Star vs the Forces of Evil.”

The initial report notes that Disney’s subtle feature of same-sex relationships connotes that the LGBT are normal people too doing mundane things like sharing a kiss with their partners.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil is an animated television series produced by Disney. The show officially premiered on March 30, 2015. The Disney series was renewed for a fourth season on Feb. 28, 2017.

What can you say about the Disney first gay kiss on national television? Share your thoughts with us!

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