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Descendants of the Sun: Love for the Show Fails to Die Down! Here’s Why!

Descendants of the Sun, a Korean drama, went on to become the most popular show in TV history. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the show was a hit only in South Korea, it went on to be a rage in Western countries, Europe, and Asia. A quick look at the fan pages will show how far the K-drama has reached.

Descendants of the Sun hit the TV screens in February 2016 on KBS. Owing to the immense popularity of the show, the makers decided to air special episodes. The special episodes feature best scenes as well as behind the scenes. Since the first installment ended, demands for Season 2 began.

Fans demand Descendants of the Sun Season 2?

Fans are filing petitions to the showmakers for Season 2. Though many speculations were surfacing about the cancellation of the second season, it looks like KBS is looking for ways to bring the show back.  It seems that the lead stars of the show, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, popularly known as Song Song Couple, backed out from the sequel.

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Even if the lead couple does not make it to the sequel, KBS is trying to weave a story around supporting cast members Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won, reports iTech Post. The first in the series revolves around an army captain and a doctor. The sequel might follow the story of the supporting members.

Awards and Laurels for Descendants of the Sun

The love for Descendants of the Sun refuses to die down. In most TV awards, the show took more laurels for acting, screenplay, and lead characters. Soompi reports that the show won Best Drama at the 21st Asian Television Awards! The show beat MBC’s Marriage Contract (starring Uee and Lee Seo Jin) to get the accolade.

The crackling chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo is one of the reasons the show went on to become such a big hit! Also, the plot of a war-torn era gives much more intensity to their love story.

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