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Defendant: SBS’ New Drama Soars High In Ratings!

Congratulations to SBS! Their newest drama, Defendant, has the highest ratings in the Monday-Tuesday time slot in Korean dramas!

SBS’ new drama stars Ji Sung, who portrays Prosecutor Park Jung Woo. One day, Jung Woo wakes up and finds himself locked up in a police station. He finds out he’s suffering from temporary amnesia and that he’s falsely accused of murder. In addition to that, Jung Woo is also sentenced to death and must do everything to prove his innocence.

Defendant: Off To A Good Start

Nielsen Korea reported that the first episode of SBS’ new drama garnered 14.5% of viewership ratings in South Korea. Meanwhile, KBS2’s Hwarang got 11% while MBC’s Night Light achieved 4.1%. The ratings for Defendant’s first episode was 5% higher than Romantic Doctor Kim, which used to air in the former drama’s time slot.

Even though the drama just started, viewers are already looking forward to what will happen to Park Jung Woo. The second episode revealed that he will be interrogated as the prime suspect for murdering his family. He couldn’t accept the possibility that he was responsible for his family’s death. Thanks to his amnesia, he does not remember what happened.

In addition to that, it looks like Jung Woo will rely on Seo Eun Hye, a public lawyer who he clashed with in one case before.

Ji Sung On His New Show: “I was hesitant to accept at first…”

Ji Sung revealed his thoughts on accepting the lead role for SBS’ new drama. According to the actor, being in Park Jung Woo’s shoes took its toll on him. He also revealed that he lost six kilograms while filming.

“I’ve always wanted to appear in this kind of drama,” Ji Sung revealed during a press conference, “But I was hesitant because it’s a difficult subject to approach. I don’t want to think about the possibility that it can happen to me in real life.”

He added, “Like Jung Woo, I have a wife and a daughter. I can’t imagine my life living without them.

Despite the pressure Ji Sung experienced, it looks like his hard work paid off! The drama had high ratings in the first episode, and many viewers are looking forward to the next episodes.

Catch Defendant every Monday and Tuesday on Viki!

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