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Dear White People: What The Anti-Anybody Don’t Understand In The Trailer

Dear White People. It seems that today, people just never get tired of controversy. Everyday we witness issues related to racism, political and several others. Although we see campaigns to end such long cultural issues, the actions that the media take seems to backfire.

On Feb. 8, Netflix released the trailer of its upcoming original series, Dear White People. In the trailer, the narrator who seems to be a radio broadcaster asks the White people to stop using the blackface as their Halloween costume. The next scene then shows the Blacks crashing in a White people’s party while trying to stop the party by unmasking the party goers.

Dear White People Trailer Attracts Angry White People

Not long after Netflix published the teaser trailer, thousands of angry subscribers bombarded the comments section. Some also complained on Netflix allegedly deleting their comments. Most, however, campaign on boycotting Netflix by canceling their subscription.

The video now has a whopping 264, 391 dislikes compared to its 24, 702 likes as of writing. It also now ranks as number 9 on the top trending videos. Several YouTubers also expressed their frustration to the upcoming series by posting their very own reaction video.

Most subscribers see the upcoming series as racist and glorifier of anti-white. They say that it promotes white genocide and aggression and doesn’t promote equality at all. Some cry foul over the depiction of White people as insensitive and dumb in the first few scenes of the trailer.

Scene By Scene Dissection Of The Trailer Shows Wrong On Both Sides

After dissecting the video on mute, the trailer reveals that actually, both sides made wrong moves. First, we see the stereotypical portraying of the White as rich and insensitive. This gets proven by the scene where the whites wear blackface as their Halloween costumes.

Next comes the Black people’s retort by crashing into the white people’s party and removing the white’s blackface costumes. One scene also shows a black guy laughing while taking down the speakers. This action contradicts the narrator’s polite way of asking the white people to not use the blackface.

The series of scenes showed us that communication is the key to peace and violence would never resolve anything. This message is timely as today, despite the fact that we have evolved into humans who can overlook skin colors, some still choose to label. With the label comes the hasty generalization which then results to offensive remarks that lead to people retorting.

Perhaps, Netflix has great plans for this series but it gets clouded by prejudice because of how so little the 30-second video tells us.

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