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Dancing With The Stars: Should Heather Morris Be Part Of It

Dancing with the Stars have not started their 24th season but they are already being plagued with controversy. Viewers question whether Season 24 contestant Heather Morris should be part of the competition. Having worked as a backup dancer for Beyonce before, isn’t it fair to include her in this batch of dancers?

Heather Morris’ Unfair Advantage

Everything is all set for the Dancing with the Stars Season 24 premiere on March 20. However, the reality show’s viewers have polarizing views about one particular contestant: Heather Morris.

E! News reports that Morris has an “unfair advantage” among her fellow Dancing with the Stars contestants. For one, the Glee actress danced professionally before. Morris worked a backup dancer for Beyonce and also joined the So You Think You Can Dance show.

An insider of the CBS dance show revealed that “there has been some joking and a little snark about it with the other contestants.” The insider went on to say that since Morris is a professional dancer, the routine others try to learn in days, the actress can learn and execute in just a matter of hours.

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Moreover, another source told the outlet that one of the professional dancers in the show raised Morris’ inclusion and said that “it isn’t fair” for the other contestants.

More Dancing With The Stars News Update

Meanwhile, opined that there is nothing wrong for Morris to join the reality series. The latter report noted that apart from possibly winning the much-coveted Mirrorball, the actress can gain a lot of friends along the way, and there’s a possibility to secure more jobs in the future.

However, the source had a word of caution to Morris. Since the public’s scrutinizing eye would be on her because of her dancing background, she has to try and “win over fans more than anything else” to continue on the show until the end.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is Morris’ partner for this season. The publication reports that Chmerkovskiy is also determined to win his second Mirrorball this season. On the other hand, the initial report notes that while Morris may have the dancing chops to go through the next level, she admits that she is nervous to dance with a live audience. The Go-Go Boy Interrupted admitted, “I’m just not totally used to it.”

Some of the contestants joining Morris in the competition are The Bachelor star Nick Viall, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, Mr. T., and bull rider, Bonner Bolton. Dancing with the Stars Season 24 premieres on March 20 on ABC. What can you say about the lineup? Share your thoughts with us!

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