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Criminal Minds Season 12: Spencer Reid Makes An Impossible Decision; Show’s Renewal Still Uncertain

Spencer Reid is still behind bars in the next Criminal Minds Season 12 episode. Moreover, he will make an impossible decision that will affect him and his other inmates. Meanwhile, with CBS announcing a few of their shows’ renewal, fans worry that this criminal procedural drama’s future is uncertain.

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 18 Spoilers

In the upcoming Criminal Minds Season 12 episode, viewers will see Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) still in jail. reports that in Episode 18’s synopsis, “Spencer makes an important decision in prison that severely affects himself and his inmates.”

The outlet notes that this important decision Spencer makes will pique viewers interest. In the series’ trailer, Criminal Minds Season 12 fans will see Spencer talking to one of his inmates in jail. This is the same inmate Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) talked to the last episode.

In the same trailer, Spencer tells him that he is the one who can pull the strings inside the prison because he has a lot of friends. The inmate looks at him and says, “you’re losing it.” In the next scene, Spencer stares out in space. Is he really losing it?

Apart from Dr. Reid’s storyline, the Behavioral Unit Analysis (BAU) team gets a creepy assignment. The source notes that the team investigates “an urban vampire.” This so-called vampire kidnaps his victims at night and holds them underground in the sewer system.

No Season 13 For Criminal Minds?

In other Criminal Minds Season 12 news, Counsel & Heal reports that the crime drama series is not one of the shows that got CBS’ nod for a renewal. The latter report notes that the series faced a few challenges when Season 12 started.

One of the major challenges it faced was Thomas Gibson’s departure from the show. Because of this, the series introduced new cast members. Some speculate that these recent changes in the CBS drama caused the show’s viewership ratings to decline.

However, the publication reports that the renewal delay is not really tied to the changes on the show, but it is more of the negotiations that happen between the two networks, ABC and CBS. Moreover, Deadline reports that since Criminal Minds is a long running series, they are not included in the early renewal announcement made by CBS last week.

Meanwhile, the source points out that fans still hopes to see Gibson’s comeback in the series. Gibson last appearance in the series was in Season 12’s first three episodes. Unfortunately, neither CBS nor the show’s production team made any comment about this request. Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 18 titled Hell’s Kitchen airs every Wednesday on CBS.

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