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Criminal Minds Season 12: Shemar Moore Returns; Is Spencer Reid Safe In Prison

Derek Morgan is coming back where he belongs. Shemar Moore will return to Criminal Minds Season 12 finale on May 10. Get ready to know more details about Baby Boy’s forthcoming return.

Shemar Moore Returns In Criminal Minds Season 12 Finale

Shemar Moore’s secret is finally out and it’s going to be worth your while, Criminal Minds fans. The actor’s character Derek Morgan will return in Criminal Minds Season 12’s finale to give a lead on the unit’s “Mr. Scratch serial killer case.”

Moviefone reports that Moore initially posted a video on his Facebook page about his upcoming schedule like his new series titled SWAT. After that, he hinted that he has a secret to reveal to his followers. Unfortunately, the actor ended the video saying fans have to wait the next day to find out.

The following day, he shared an article online with a caption that reads: “BOOM! My secret is out !!!! I’m excited to say your Baby Boy will be back to play with my Criminal Minds family for the season 12 Finale!! Make sure to tune in!!!” Unfortunately, Moore’s appearance in the show will take some time because the series is just in their 17th episode.

Since Shemar Moore’s fans have to wait, they can watch the upcoming episode titled In the Dark. opines that from the episode’s title, it connotes that it’s not going to be a great episode for Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 17 Spoilers

Based on the show’s short synopsis, the series will cover two story arcs: one is about two unsubs operating at the same time within the same city and the other is Dr. Reid’s stay in prison. According to the source, this kind of episode is not new for the series, in particular with Reid’s prison story arc.

In the Criminal Minds Episode 17 trailer, viewers can see Adam Rodriguez’ character Luke Alvez talking to Reid’s prison mate. He tells that person to make sure Reid is safe or else, he dies. In the next scene, it looks like Gubler’s character is down to his knees and screams for help.

It is unsure how long will Reid stay behind bars but with six episodes left, Criminal Minds Season 12 writers will have plenty of time to resolve the story. Apart from Moore, the outlet reveals that actress Jane Lynch will return to the series as well. Criminal Minds Season 12 will air its 17th episode on March 22. Meanwhile, the crime drama series’ episode finale release is on May 10.

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