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Code Geass: Sequel, Films, What Else Do We Need

It has been a long time since Code Geass was released and shook the anime community and the whole world. The show’s intricate plot and a genius anti-hero as a protagonist earned the animation hordes of fans. When R2 ended, fans begged for more. And finally, on the series’ tenth anniversary, Sunrise has confirmed that there will be a third season for the iconic anime series.

The anime series follows the life of exiled prince Lelouch Vi Britannia, who obtains a geass from a mysterious girl named CC. Determined to destroy the Holy Britannian Empire and provide a better life to his sister Nunally, Lelouch decides to use the geass’ power to accomplish his goal. However, as he comes closer to his goal, the former prince found himself facing various obstacles, including his best friend Suzaku Kururugi.

Code Geass R3: What Can Fans Expect?

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Fans of the animated series know that Lelouch died at the ending of R2 because Suzaku, under the guise of Zero, stabbed him during a parade. Many fans were shocked at the former prince’s death, even though it was planned by said character. With R3 confirmed, it is expected that more questions from that were left from R2 will be answered.

It was also confirmed that Lelouch is alive and will come back in R3. Although no details were given by Sunrise, many fans came up with theories on how Lelouch managed to survive getting stabbed by Zero. Some said that Lelouch utilized both of his geass’ powers. There are also others who claimed that Lelouch will be resurrected sometime in R3. With no confirmed release date of the series’ third installment, all fans can do is wait until there is an official update from Sunrise.

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A Better Plot With Lelouch Lamperouge

Aside from the third anime series, Sunrise also announced that there will also be a film trilogy. These will serve as closure for the events that happened in the first two seasons. While there is no release date as of the moment, fans can rest easy now that they will be able to see more from Lelouch, CC, Suzaku, and Nunally in the future.

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