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Chicago Med: Doctor Rhodes Actually Operated On A Panda And Fans Love It

Chicago Med season two episode 11 Graveyard Shift featured a few interesting storylines. Dr. Reese had a rough night, proclaiming some patients dead. Tate and April seem to be developing, together. And Dr. Rhodes operated on a panda. Wait… what?

You actually read that right. If you’ve only seen the preview for the NBC medical drama’s latest episode, it’s understandable you found this shocking. After all, the preview only mentioned a “diplomatic patient” whose life was at stake. And it was, as mentioned, “a risky implication with global implications”, given that pandas are endangered. Did anybody specify the patient was human? No, we didn’t think so.

An International Incident

Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) was on his way to a charity event when he was called in for work. Even with a dignitary there to push the panda heart surgery, it still took a while for the situation to sink in for Rhodes. After all, his training didn’t really cover medical operations on bears.

His hesitation can be seen during an exchange with Ethan and Sharon. “I’m not a veterinarian,” he explains, as the others encourage him to save the panda. “She’ll lose too much blood. What am I supposed to transfuse with? Do we have panda in the blood bank?”

Dr. Rhodes eventually commits to the operation. And fortunately, the surgery is a success. The panda goes on to live, presumably, a healthy life at the end of the Chiacago Med episode. The international crisis of an endangered foreign animal dying in a Chicago operating room is averted.

Fans are Loving It

Reception to the latest episode of Chicago Med seems to be more riled up than usual. Sure, the focus of the story should always be on those characters and their struggles. We cheer for them when they successfully help out a patient, and we sit on the edge of our seats when things feel they’re going awry. That’s how these medical dramas work. And yet, fan response to the panda has been particularly strong.

Colin Donnell himself shared a GIF on Twitter assuring everyone that, indeed, the panda of Chiacgo Med is going to be just fine:

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