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Can Powerless Make It Through Season 1

Will NBC’s Powerless series pull through and finish its first season? Fans worry that the show’s two-week hiatus hints an early cancellation for the DC parody series. On the other hand, some hope that Episode 6 will win viewers back. If this happens, NBC does not have to replace Powerless with another show.

For almost the entire month of March, Powerless only aired once. The show went on hiatus for two weeks and some think this might be NBC’s way of telling Powerless fans that they may cancel the series soon.

Powerless Episode 6 Will Air On March 30

Hidden Remote reports that while viewers were all geared up to watch the DC parody show for the past two Thursdays, they were left confused when the Vanessa Hudgens’ series did not air. The outlet notes that NBC failed to cite any reason why Episode 6 release did not happen.

Moreover, the source notes that a few hours before the show’s release, Executive Producer Michael Schumacker announced on his Twitter account that Powerless is not going to air. Schumacker’s tweet reads: “Well, no new #Powerless this week. Sorry about that. Was looking forward to it. Will keep you posted re: next week…”

The outlet noted that after Schumacker posted his tweet, a fan commented saying that the series will find it difficult to build an audience if the show’s air time always gets messed up. On the other hand, some viewers worry about the show’s future. The source notes that there are speculations circulating around the internet that the network plans to cancel Powerless mid-season.

Powerless Episode 6 Spoilers

The show had a slow start, but viewers noticed that the plot is slowly getting better and Episode 6 titled I’ma Friend You seems to be an interesting one. reports that in this episode, Emily (Hudgens) will attempt to strengthen her friendship with Jackie (Christina Kirk).

In the show’s short teaser, Hudgens’ character asks Teddy (Danny Pudi) about Jackie’s whereabouts. Before Teddy answers, he gets curious of Emily’s shirt to which the latter explains the reason behind her shirt. A few minutes later, Van (Alan Tudyk) appears and will give his thoughts about Emily’s shirt.

On the other hand, Van is on a mission. The series’ short synopsis hints that Tudyk’s character is on a witch hunt and his eyes are set on Teddy, Ron (Ro Funches) and Wendy (Jennie Pierson). Powerless viewers are curious on how the episode will pan out. Powerless Episode 6 will air on Thursday, March 30 on NBC. Do you think NBC will cancel this series soon? Share your thoughts with us!

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