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Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 4: Castle’s Nathan Fillion Joins Cast

First, he was a crime-writer-turned-crime-solver; now he’s a crime-actor-turned-crime-solver. Nathan Fillion is joining the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and his new role is going to drop him right in with Jake Peralta’s crew of cops.

He’ll be playing Mark Devereaux, the star of a fictional crime drama TV series called Serve & Protect, where he plays a detective. When an actual crime occurs on the set of the show, and Jake (Andy Samberg) and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) show up to investigate. With ten years of experience playing a detective on TV, Mark thinks he can help the real-life detectives solve the case.

Nathan Fillion: New Roles

This isn’t the first time that Nathan Fillion and Andy Samberg have worked together. Before Brooklyn Nine Nine, they had a brief gag on Samberg’s Emmy 2015 opening number, which featured him trapping himself in a bunker to marathon every significant series on TV. When he finally comes out celebrating, Nathan Fillion shows up to remind to him that he had apparently missed Castle.

Fillion has also been busy with a few other roles. He’s showing up in Modern Family now, appearing in a multi-episode arc as weatherman Rainer Shine. He’s also guest starring in Netflix’s horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet. We’re also going to see him soon on the web series Con Man, created by Alan Tudyk. That show is loosely based on their post-Firefly experiences in conventions.

Are you ready for the return of the squad? #Brooklyn99 is back on April 11!

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Castle – No Proper Send Off?

Fillion is best known for starring in Castle, which ended after a strong 8-year run in 2016. However, an interview with TV Line, he revealed that wrapping up the show wasn’t as clean as some might have wanted it. The ending – which showed Richard (Fillion) and Kate (Stana Kacic) living a happily ever after – was largely polarizing.

When asked how he felt about not having a proper send-off, given that the show was originally panned to return for a ninth season, Fillion said that he’ll miss the show, but that he’s ready to move on. “What is a proper send-off? We had eight years of a phenomenal television show with amazing people that I love so very much. I’ll miss them dearly. I’ll miss the characters they play. But at the same time it’s been eight years since I haven’t had a plan.”

Brooklyn Nine Nine season 4 will premiere this April 11. Excited to see Nathan Fillion on Brooklyn Nine Nine? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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