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Bones Final Season: What To Expect

After twelve years, Bones is saying farewell with one last season. Dr. Temperance Brenner (Emily Deschanel), Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and the rest of the cast have a last dozen episodes.

With this last season, the crime drama will definitely put fans on the edge of their seats. But, as Executive Producer Michael Peterson says, the Bones final season aims to do much more than that.

Love Letter to the Fans

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Peterson shares a glimpse of what to expect for the show’s finale: “It’s a giant love letter, hopefully, to the fans,” he said, giving a nod to the fans who have stuck with the Fox show through its twelve-year run, even as the show changed days and timeslots. “We could not be more appreciative of this wonderful run that we’ve been on,” he added.

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To wrap things up for the show, Peterson and the production went as far back as season 1, taking a close look at the stories that those first episodes launched.

According to Channel Guide Mag, David Boreanaz made the suggestion to the EP himself: “You should go back and watch the first season and see what made it really work, then.” That move seems to be paying off, as certain threads of the characters’ stories – particularly for Brenner and Booth – have turned up unresolved. This gives the showrunners some meat to work with for the Bones final season.

What to Expect

The first episode featured more of the return of Zack Addy, the former “squintern” who has since been pushed over the edge into antagonist territory. Zack’s appearance is only one of the returns planned for the last season: Betty White will make her reprisal as Dr. Beth Mayer; Eddie McClintock will return as Tim “Sully” Sullivan, and Cyndi Lauper will return as Avalon Harmonia.

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Booth’s days as an army sniper will be more heavily tackled in the Bones final season. It apparently won’t just be a matter of flashbacks, either: the exploration of his past will be consequential for both him and other characters. The number 447, which has appeared a few times throughout the series (as times on clocks, as an apartment number, and so on), will also be explained.

Ready to say farewell to Brenner, Booth, and the rest of the cast for the Bones final season? Comment below and let us hear about it!

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