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Bloodline Farewell Season Gets A May 26 Release

Finally, after months of waiting, Netflix dropped a new Bloodline Season 3 trailer with the show’s upcoming release date. The farewell season will tie loose ends and answer most of the viewers’ questions about the Rayburns.

Netflix Drops Bloodline Season 3 Trailer

The Rayburns are back in Bloodline Season 3. The farewell episode will premiere on May 26. Entertainment Weekly reports that apart from the show’s trailer, Netflix also released still images of the series. This will give viewers a glimpse of what they can expect when the award-winning drama returns to the small screens.

While it may be the series’ last, Bloodline Season 3 spoilers hint that a happy ending may be out of reach. The trailer starts off with Sally (Sissy Spacek), the Rayburn’s matriarch, wanting to confess to a priest for her sins. In a whisper, Sally tells the priest that she thinks her family is cursed. A voice offers Spacek’s character a couple of suggestions to end her family woes: destroy them or die for them.

Just a brief recap from Bloodline Season 2, Marco (Enrique Murciano) figured out who killed Danny (Ben Mendelsohn). Unfortunately, he also found out that the Rayburns siblings knew about it and they, in fact, covered up his death. Because of what Marcus knows about the Rayburns’ secret, he had to die.

The outlet noted that in Season 2’s episode finale, viewers saw John (Kyle Chandler) drove out of town. The outlet notes Chandler’s character is “done with everything his family had become.” Fans want to find out what happens next to the Rayburns after Marcus’ discovery.

Bloodline Season 3 More Expensive Compared to Seasons 1 And 2

In other Bloodline news, Variety reported that making the third season was more expensive than the series’ first two seasons. The latter report noted that Florida’s entertainment tax incentives covered Bloodline’s Seasons 1 and 2. However, the state opted to discontinue the credits program in 2016. Due to this changes, Netflix decided to cancel the show, despite getting good reviews and award nominations.

News reports reveal that there were options to shoot the series on a different location but Executive Producer Todd Kessler stated that shooting Bloodline in Florida Keys is crucial to what the show is. However, Kessler did acknowledge that with the hurdle they had to face, it made things more difficult for the show to carry on.

This is, more or less, the reason why instead of having 13 episodes, the series gets cut down to only 10 episodes for its series finale. Bloodline Season 3 will air its first episode on May 26 on Netflix.

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