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Blindspot: The Lies and The Victims, Testing The Relationship of Jane and Roman

Just how much deceit and lies can happen within one show? Blindspot is back with its midseason winter premiere on Wednesday night after six weeks of grueling wait for the fans. In the episode, Jane (Jaime Alexander) had the chance to tell his brother, Roman (Luke Mitchell), that it was her who injected him with a memory-wiping drug.

But in typical Blindspot fashion, Jane foregoes the chance and instead, tells a little white lie. She told Roman that it was their mother, Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), who injected him with the serum. We’re sure that it’s only a matter of time before Jane’s white lie comes back to bite her.

Blindspot readies to answer Season 2 midseason finale’s cliffhangers

There are a lot of questions when Blindspot Season 2 ended with its midseason finale six weeks ago. What happened with Patterson’s (Ashley Johnson) fight against Dr. Borden (Ukweli Roach)? A gunshot was heard just before the episode made its bow.

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The show’s return revealed that Borden is the new Sandstorm mole, and Patterson was soon brought to Shepherd to be tortured. They didn’t get anything from Patterson, though, as she was ready to give her life to the cause.

Luckily, the team was able to locate and save her. Now, Patterson needs her FBI friends to survive the kind of torture she underwent. Roman, of course, was delegated to being a wallpaper since he really cannot remember anything.

While everyone thought Roman was going to be shipped to the CIA, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) put his career on the line and even worked with Roman to get Naz (Archie Panjabi) reinstated.

A new tattoo on Jane’s body has been revealed, so does it mean a new crime to be solved is on its way?

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Jane and Roman: A relationship to be tested

Roman’s journey towards redemption is not going to be an easy one. Unlike Jane, he is a member of Sandstone, a terrorist group that has done damage to many people’s lives. It is also not clear whether or not Jane’s living the good life is innate or simply a product of nurturing.

There’s parallelism to their stories: they both started with no memories whatsoever of where they have been and what they did. Jane, however, had an easy life with the FBI. The same cannot be said with what lies ahead for Roman in Blindspot.

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