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Big Bang Theory Spinoff: Jim Parsons Is Looking For A Young Sheldon Cooper

Casting agents and aspiring actors, here is your chance to star in your very own show. The production behind Big Bang Theory spinoff is looking for someone who can play the young Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons, who plays the role in the original The Big Bang Theory, is actively helping in the recruitment process.

Even before the show was officially confirmed, a call for an 8-to-11-year-old boy has already been made. Reportedly titled The Sheldon Project, the show will have Parsons as its executive producer and probably even a creative consultant. It’s not a surprising move for Chuck Lorre and CBS because Parsons’ portrayal of Cooper has received plenty of nods from fans of the TV show to critics.

What the Big Bang Theory spinoff is looking for

According to the call, they show needs a young boy aged 8 to 11 years old to play Sheldon Cooper when he was still living with his mom in East Texas. He would be a socially awkward boy who’s a science genius, is short-tempered, confident, and a bit arrogant. He doesn’t make friends easily, and he struggles in social situations.

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Big Bang Theory Spinoff

Screen cap from the Twitter page of David Zhou

As fans, don’t we always try to think about how our favorite characters are when they were kids? It would be nice to get a glimpse of how Sheldon grew up to be this once-in-a-generation intellectual. Sheldon’s mother, played by Laurie Metcalf, appeared in the flagship series, but we don’t know anything about her.

Sheldon is usually mum about his teenage years, aside from a few sly comments. Surely, this new actor who would play him in the spinoff series will face a lot of challenges. Here’s hoping the production finds someone who’ll be perfect for it, the way Parsons is to Sheldon.

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The Sheldon Project is in the works

His executive producer role in The Sheldon Project will make Parsons a very rich guy. Not that he isn’t already like King Midas, who turns everything he touches to gold. Parsons is earning a reported $1 million per episode of the hit series The Big Bang Theory.

In fact, it is his high salary demand that is being pointed as the reason why the flagship series will end soon. There is no confirmation on that. But if this Big Bang Theory spinoff is any indication, it looks like Parsons will be busy with other matters.

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