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Big Bang Theory Season 11: Why A Season 11 Might Be Impossible

We still haven’t heard any confirmation for Big Bang Theory Season 11. Season 10 is already at the halfway mark. This is making fans of the hit CBS show jittery. After all, there were huge rumors last year that Season 10 was going to be canceled and there would be no Season 11 at all.

The gang is back for The Holiday Summation, and we saw Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) heading to his mother’s home. Sheldon, afraid of planes and his mother’s religious views, is acting out like a baby. Amy, ever the patient partner that she is, took these all in stride.

Parsons is prioritizing other shows than Big Bang Theory Season 11

Aside from playing theoretical physicist Sheldon in what should be Big Bang Theory Season 11 and being an Emmy Award-winning actor, Parsons is also an executive producer with an impressive resume. Speculations have been ripe that Parsons is prioritizing the production of other shows, and that’s why Season 11 may not be possible for Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Theory Season 11

Screen cap from the Twitter page of The Big Bang Theory

As the main protagonist in the show and the most beloved character, it is impossible for the show to be back on air if Parsons will not be a part of it. Instead of having to suffer low ratings because a main character is not there, it might be best for Big Bang Theory to cancel the show altogether.

News of the show’s cancellation started after CBS announced a Sheldon spin-off, which will focus on the life of the young Sheldon while he’s still living with his mother. Although Parsons won’t appear on it, he will be a consultant and an executive producer of the still untitled show. Aside from that, he’s also producing Lance 2.0, The Monarchy is Going to Sh*t, Lakeside V.A., and The Terranauts.

Season 11 to be delayed?

Then again, there is an optimistic way of seeing these rumors. According to some reports, Season 11 will be returning but it would have to be late in 2017. This will give Parsons the time to fix his other projects in order.

This will also allow the production team to negotiate with the cast about their demands for higher salaries. Once both these issues are settled, it is possible for us to see a Big Bang Theory Season 11 production.

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