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Becoming Warren Buffett: The Billionaire Who Doesn’t Care About Money

HBO’s new documentary, Becoming Warren Buffett, explores the billionaire’s personal life. Except, it trivializes money to its entirety.

The 86-year-old CEO of a multinational conglomerate company, Berkshire Hathaway, is a relatively modest personality. Even though he is one of the richest persons in the world, his lifestyle is at par with a bourgeois family. Besides, he has pledged to donate the most of his wealth to charitable causes. His daughter Susie opens up on the family’s roots ahead of the premieres of Becoming Warren Buffett.

Becoming Warren Buffett: A Documentary

In an interview with People, Susie confessed that her father is indeed a ‘boring person’. Susie believes that it is due to Warren’s little to no regard to materialistic desires. He has no interest in all things money has to offer, it turns out. The billionaire himself vouched for Susie’s statements in the premieres stating that his interests lie in ‘simple things’.

Buffett asserted that he buys whatever he needs, but keeps everything minimalistic. Also, he’s of an opinion that money doesn’t necessarily equate to the enjoyment he gets from something. Lest you forget, this is the guy who defines the ‘rags to riches’ equation. Starting from the scratch to building an empire, his beginnings were humble and least bit unchallenging.

To strengthen her views, Susie recalled the memories of her ‘normal household’ from her childhood. Her upbringing was nothing shy of an adequate one, but it wasn’t over the top, nevertheless. Unlike the flamboyance that goes with the rich kids, Susie recalled experiences with public schools, having daily allowances and doing household chores.

Becoming Warren Buffett: Contents

The documentary is invested in Buffett’s early breakthrough and his family life, of course. He married his first wife Susan in 1952. Susie attributed his success to Susan, for she was a constant supportive figure in all his endeavors. Besides, Warren himself says that meeting Susan was a ‘turning point’ in his life, stating that “she put me together”.

Subsequently, Susan left Buffett and goes to San Francisco to pursue a singing career. In the wake of her death, Warren married Astrid and everybody’s happy, recalls Susie. Despite everything he faced, Warren Buffett remained a modest person his entire life. Something that separates him from rest of the rich people – an aberration, an inspiration.

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