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BBC’s Muslims Like Us Contentiously Counters Islamophobia

BBC releases an unconventional documentary on the most perilous social stigma, Islamophobia. Muslims Like Us is as insightful as it comes, as controversial as it gets.

Muslims Like Us isn’t merely a documentary on a cause, it’s everything the world misrepresents. To begin with, Islamophobia is more or less a phenomena today. Media targets the Muslims, governments keep at bay and no one bats an eye when a bomb takes out hundreds of lives in Iraq. The documentary sheds light on what it means being a British Muslim today. Read on.

Muslims Like Us: Poignant; Controversial

Ten British Muslims with contradictory views on life move into a house together. There’s room for humor and debates, by and large, compassion for the other person’s struggles. The documentary isn’t going down well with the conservatives, but going on, nonetheless. Muslim council of Britain praises the show, but some term it as a mockery of Islam.

Twitteratis are divided in opinion about the reality style programme. Some call it an insight into the pitfalls of being a Muslim today, but some say it’s nothing but a “Big Brother with Muslims”. Irrespective of what the receptions are, Programme maker Fatima Salaria calls it a “humanizing” show. Speaking to Huffington Post, Fatima briefs on the documentary’s premise and she takes joy in it.

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The controversy began primarily with the chosen ten for the Muslims Like Us. Besides, BBC brought in an Islamic State sympathizer which paved way for criticism, obviously. The former boxing champion Anthony Small, who goes by Abdul Haq now, is constantly facing the wrath of the housemates.

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The Right and the Wrong

The show consists of a gay man, a teacher and a model among others. Needless to say, this situation necessitates a conflict that sporadically gets intense. For example, Ferhan comes out of the closet at first. This leads to Abdul raging and condemn Ferhan’s sexuality that goes against the dogma. Gladly, other housemates back Ferhan and congratulate him for his honesty.

Fatima is perhaps capitalizing on such incidents itself. She wants to portray the Muslims as no exceptions from people of different faith. As much as terrorism is a truth, so is the existence of good Muslims. Somehow the majority of population seems to disagree. More imperative question is, do you?

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