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The Bachelor 2017: Corinne Olympios Mom Comes To Her Rescue

The Bachelor 2017 is definitely going to take the title of being the raunchiest season till date. It has given rise to its share of controversies. The center of most controversies is Corinne Olympios.

Corinne Olympios bold antics brought a lot of attention to her. Her admittance to having a “nanny” who takes care of everything for her was widely discussed on the show. She admitted in the show that she hardly does anything on her own as her nanny takes care of everything.

Chemistry between Nick Viall and Corinne Olympios

Nick Viall and Corinne Olympios meetings have also been a topic of many discussions. In one of their meetings, Corinne was seen in a trench coat (just a trench coat) and a bottle of whipped cream. She wanted to “turn on the sex charm” to get Viall’s attention.

Olympios soon became the next face to watch out for after Nick Viall. She also became the first contestant to grab a kiss from the “Bachelor”. All the attention on her definitely put other contestants off. She soon earned the title of being the villain of The Bachelor 2017.  

Olympios Mom Comes to Rescue Post Controversy

Since much attention was on Olympios and mostly negative, her mom decided to come to her rescue. She tells TMZ that the show is pushing her daughter into a villainous role. Corinne’s mom, Peri, said that the show has been pushing ‘Corinne into the bad girl role’. She also brought up the topic of the whipped cream incident as something the makers devised.

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Her mom is also troubled with fans of the show that have found Corinne Olympios number. She warns the people calling her that she has everyone’s number saved. She also issued a warning that she would not think twice before calling the cops and handing over the numbers to them.

It is very clear that Peri Olympios is livid with all the negative publicity that her daughter Corinne Olympios is getting. Things only get murkier from here on for The Bachelor 2017.

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