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Attack On Titan Season 2 Spoilers and Updates: Reason Behind Delay Explained

Fans rejoice as Attack on Titan Season 2 will officially air April next year! After almost 4 years of waiting, we would finally get to see the badass characters, Mikasa and Levi, kill the Titans. And yeah, there’s Eren too.

Two years after the first season back in 2013, the animation studio announced a second season that deviates from the manga’s original story. However, it didn’t come out. Earlier this 2016, the studio again postponed the release date leaving the fans frustrated.

Original Plan for Season 2 Was Scrapped

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According to Moviepilot, the animation studio originally planned to animate a different story from the manga. Due to some reason, this idea got scrapped and the second season will now include the story from where the anime left off. Because of this, the creators have to wait for the manga to advance to at least four arcs.

The fast pacing of the anime left no room for fillers which made every episode feel like a standalone. The anime’s closeness to the original manga plot strengthened the anime, making both anime and manga successful. Furthermore, those who could not wait for the continuation of the anime picked up the story from the manga.

Attack On Titan Season 2 Spoilers: What Can We Expect?

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From where the anime left off, a lot of things already happened in the manga. It even seems that the manga advanced more than four arcs already which include Ymir’s Arc, Connie’s Arc, Historia’s Arc, Reiner and Berthold’s Arc, Rebellion Arc and more.

If the second season will follow the manga until the latest chapters, there will be more plot twists and actions. The difference between the two seasons is that season 2 doesn’t have as much action scenes. However, the fights in season 2 will have more strategies and not just some gore fest.

There will be more heartbreaking scenes and twists in the second season, highlighting every character’s background and development. The Rebellion arc will be about the political issues inside the walls which the first season completely ignored.

Ackerman Line and Jaeger Basement’s Secrets Revealed

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Two characters who shone from the first season are Mikasa and Levi Ackerman. Both characters fight like total badasses but their personalities make them really mysterious. The manga hinted a part of their line’s secret and how their extraordinary abilities relate to the King.

Lastly, the latest chapters of the manga revealed what is inside Grisha Jaeger’s basement. Although we should wait for more chapters to know the entire history of the walls and the titans, I can assure you that internet speculations about the basement are wrong. The basement does not contain Grisha’s adult magazines stash.

What are you most excited about on the upcoming second season? Stay tuned for more Attack on Titan Season 2 updates.

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