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Attack on Titan: The Real Reason Why Season 2 Will Be Released on April

Attack on Titan fans are now at the edge of their seats after the confirmed announcement was made. Yes, it’s right – AoT is coming back on April 17, 2017. Here are some of the things you can expect in Season 2 including some rumors.


Attack on Titan, the anime, is finally coming back after almost three years of waiting. Fans can’t keep their excitement after the disappointing live action rendition of the beautifully brutal anime.

The announcement was made by Kodansha comics in line with the recent release of the 21st volume of the Attack on Titan manga series. The Hajime Isayama manga featured a special wraparound jacket band as part of the promotion. Attack on Titan season 2 will be directed by Masashi Koizuka. Its original director, Tetsuro Araki, has taken the helm as chief director of the series.

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Although it has been announced after the first season wrapped up that there will be a season 2, fans have been dying to find out when exactly it would come. Many hoped it would be this year but what they got was a trashy live action movie that is very far from the original. Since then, they have to be satisfied watching the re-runs of Season 1 on Hulu.

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Although it has been confirmed, fans are wondering why it had to take until April to release the series. That’s because Japan and its television structure are a little bit complicated.

According to Comicbook, Japan’s network programming follows a different cycle than the one used in the United States. Normally, networks have either spring or fall releases in the US. In Japan, however, networks follow a four-cycle program following the four seasons.

Each cycle unit is called a cour which totals to three months each. During each cycle, the network airs 12 to 13 episodes of an anime series. Therefore, the first season of Attack on Titan ran over a period of two cours.

The Attack on Titan series started its second season development since Nov. 2014. However, it did not push for a 2016 release because it wants the manga series to leverage this time for fans.

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