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Attack on Titan Chapter 90 – The True Nature of The Memories of The Titans

Attack on Titan Chapter 90 surely brings us all at the edge of our seats as more secrets and revelations arise each chapter.

In Chapter 89, Eren unconsciously talks and acts like Eren Kreuger aka The Owl, the former holder of the Attack Titan. This shows that memories of the former Titan power holders can influence the current holder’s actions.

Eren Jaeger With The Power of the King and Attack Titan

Looking back at all the events, we could sum up that Eren Jaeger acquired both Attack and King Titans. Grisha acquired the AT from Eren Krueger before entering the walls. Grisha, again, acquired the KT after eating Freida Reiss while in his titan form. During the attack on Wall Maria, Grisha secretly passed his titan powers to his then 10-year-old son, Eren Jaeger.

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In Chapter 89, Eren suddenly realized that he may be able to use the King Titan because he somehow connected to Grisha’s first wife, Dina Fritz. Dina Fritz is part of the royal blood and only those of the royal family may control the KT.

This partial connection may also be the reason why Eren did not have the philosophy and all-knowing personality of the KT owner. The previous chapters revealed that all the memories of the Titan owners will transfer to the next upon acquisition. Through this method, the titan owners possessed different perspectives from ordinary humans.

Attack On Titan Chapter 90 The Titans’ Memories Transcend The Space-Time

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Before Kreuger injected the titan serum into Grisha, he suddenly said, “To protect Armin and Mikasa, you must fulfill this mission”. Not knowing what he just said, Kruger wondered whose memory he was remembering. This scene gave a hint that somehow, Krueger could access Eren Jaeger’s memory from the future.

This could mean that the memories of the owners of the titan powers travel beyond the laws of Space-Time. Although unclear, Eren Jaeger gets visions from the memories of the former owners of his titan powers. The flashbacks were meaningless unless given the context of the entire situation.

This theory may prove to be true or false once we’ve known the secret of Ymir Fritz, the first titan. According to the Eldians, she discovered the origin of all matter while Marleyans say that she simply made a pact with the Devil. Watch out for more Attack On Titan Chapter 90 updates!

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