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Attack On Titan 90: Armin Arlert’s Family Secret Revealed!

After the tragic yet satisfying ending of the Return To Shiganshina Arc, we witnessed Armin Arlert acquire the Colossus Titan power. We consider Armin as one of the weakest soldiers but his intelligence saved the entire Scouting Legion from defeat. In the last arc, Armin also proved himself capable of combat that his sacrifice paved the way for Betholdt’s capture. Let’s see one clue we failed to notice as we wait for Attack On Titan 90.

Armin’s Dream Of Seeing The Ocean A Clue We Failed To See

During Eren and Betholdt’s battle, Armin kept on holding on to his dream of seeing the ocean. He shared this dream with Eren which made them both want to explore the outside of the walls. Armin often told Eren of the body of water with an unlimited supply of salt he saw from his grandfather’s book.

We failed to ask, however, about Armin’s grandfather. The anime gave a noticeably longer role for Grandpa Arlert than that of the manga. He possessed an illegal book about the world 100 years ago which he gave to Armin.

Could It Be That The Arlert Family Know More About The Eldians?

The manga never showed Armin’s parents and his grandfather took care of him. The manga only said that his parents died from attempting an escape beyond the walls. Why would they do such act if they clearly know that only titans reside beyond the walls?

Could it be that the Arlert family never forgot the history of the Marleys and the Eldians? Grandpa Marley seemed to have great wisdom regarding life while Armin shows excellence in judgment. The existence of the book may be a clue about the secret of the Arlert family.

Attack On Titan 90: Will Eren Realize The Arlert Family’s Secret?

In the last chapter, Eren suddenly realized how he may have the ability to use the King’s Power. This means that the royal family is not the only ones who can use it. Eren said that he connected with Dina Fritz when he punched her Titan form with his bare fists.

What if the relation became an indirect one, like Arlerts becoming cousins to the Fritz? This could be a huge possibility since the Arlerts possessed knowledge without the military police interfering. What do you think about the Arlerts? Share with us your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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