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Anime News 2017: What Can We Expect Next Year?

Anime news 2017 — Anime fans look forward to new anime and movie from stunning new visuals and teaser trailers. As the year ends, we will sum up all the anime announcements this year. Worldwide fans are most excited about it. From movie release dates to upcoming manga-anime adaptations to anime series sequels, this year’s announcements promise a great 2017.

Upcoming Legendary Anime, New Installments

Just recently, Sunrise announced a Code Geass Season 3 entitled, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revival. Sunrise did not announce whether the new installment is a movie or an anime series, however, they promised a trilogy film that sums up all the episodes of Code Geass Rebellion series next year.

Ufotable also confirmed a Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel trilogy film for 2017. The film follows the Fate/Stay Night’s Heaven’s Feel route and Sakura Matou, Rin Tohsaka’s sister by blood. Fans around the world hype over the new installment of the Fate series.

Attack on Titan Season 2 will air on Spring of 2017. The studio originally planned to air this second season for 2016. The anime series will follow the manga which means that we will see more of Eren’s power and huge revelations will come.

Anime Movies for 2017 Hype

The last installment of the Monogatari series, Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen, gets a premiere in Japan on Jan. 6. Meanwhile, the studio did not announce a US premiere yet but fans expect it to follow in the same year. The character designer Morioka Hideyuki released a new visual of the main character Hanekawa Tsubasa. Customers can buy these visuals at Amazon, Seven-11, and Gamers.

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale will also hit the theaters next year on Feb. 18. The film takes place after the second season of the anime where Kirito and his friends play the new game, Ordinal Scale and the new console doesn’t have a full dive function so players can play while still interacting in the real world.

Another Stein;Gate movie will come out next year; the new movie Steins;Gate Load Region of Déjà Vu reunites with the anime series’ staff. Furthermore, the anime movie is a completely new story set after the “true end” of the anime series.

New Manga-Anime Adaptations

While the anime fans eagerly await the new anime installments, manga fans celebrate the adaptations of popular manga series.

Fuuka, one of the most popular seinen manga that focuses on idol, will get an anime adaptation to be released next season in 2017. Masamune’s Revenge also gets an adaptation which excites the harem anime fans. Finally, the Japanese classic Gintama will also have its last anime series installment next year.

Wath out for more anime news 2017 updates.

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