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Andi Mack Debut Episode Well Received; Cast’s Favorite Moments And Next Episode Details Here!

Disney fans continue to rave about the Andi Mack show. The new Disney series garnered a total of 14.4 million viewers. Meanwhile, Andi Mack’s cast members shared what their favorite moments in the series. What will happen in the upcoming episodes?

Andi Mack Premiere Episode A Success!

Andi Mack proved to be a big hit for Disney when it debuted last Friday. Broadway World reports that the show garnered 14.4 million views. The outlet notes that nine million views were derived from linear TV.

The remaining 5.4 million views are from Disney’s various platforms which include its YouTube channel, Disney’s video-on-demand, and the Disney Channel app. Moreover, the show is also available on other web and streaming sites like iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life reports of an exclusive interview with the cast about their favorite moments while filming Andi Mack. The lead star of the show, Peyton Elizabeth Lee says that filming the Space Otters scenes are her favorite. “Asher and I were trying to throw and catch the frisbee accurately without hitting the camera or any of the crew,” says Lee.

The rest of the Andi Mack crew seems to have their fondest moments when the cameras are not rolling. For Andi Mack’s cast member Asher Angel, it’s the morning of the first snow in Utah. “We were so excited. We were all jumping and dancing around and planning a sledding adventure,” says Angel.

Lilan Bowden says it’s when Lee helps her do some ballet moves when they are waiting for their scenes. Bowden describes Lee as a “tough teacher.” Bowden is Bex Mack, Andi’s elder sister or so she thought. On the show’s premiere, Bex returns home just in time for Andi’s 13th birthday. Bex tells Andi a shocking secret: she’s not her elder sister but is actually her mom.

Andi Mack New Episode Synopsis Revealed

It may be an agony to wait for Andi Mack’s episode but it will be worth it. The outlet notes that a new episode titled Shhh! will air on Friday, April 14. A short synopsis of the episode reveals that Bex will convince Andi to stay up late and watch a scary movie on a weekday.

However, the next day, Andi falls asleep in class which sends her to detention. Because of this, she will miss watching the Space Otters game. Meanwhile, the next episode titled Dancing in the Dark features Bex encouraging Andi to host her first-ever dance party at the house, since Ham (Stoney Westmoreland) and Celia (Lauren Tom) went away for the weekend.

Unfortunately, Andi’s big night will get dampened when Amber (Emily Skinner) shows up in the dance party. Andi Mack airs a new episode every Friday on Disney.

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