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America’s Next Top Model Rita Ora: Host Accused Of Dismissing A Contestant Because Of Calvin Harris

Rita Ora may be the new host of America’s Next Top Model. But, it looks like not everybody is fond of her. One contestant, who was recently kicked out of the show, claimed that Ora has unfair treatments towards the participants.

The reality television series slash model competition was created back in 2003 by Tyra Banks. Banks was the host and executive producer of the show until the 22nd cycle. By the 23rd cycle, Banks was replaced by Rita Ora as host. However, Banks remained as the executive producer of the show and became a guest judge of the 23rd cycle.

America’s Next Top Model: Eliminated Contestant Claims Rita Ora Is Unfair

Aspiring model Krislian Rodriguez is not pleased that she was eliminated early in the show. Ora claimed that Rodriguez was “oozing with sex”, which was the reason why she was eliminated. Rodriguez, however, has a different reason why Ora kicked her out.

According to Rodriguez, Ora dismissed her because the two of them share the same ex: DJ Calvin Harris. The model also claimed that Ora was “rude” to her during the show, something that she doesn’t understand.

“When I became a contestant in America’s Next Top Model, I already have a disadvantage because Rita knows who I am. There is some rivalry with her, which I didn’t understand,” Rodriguez said.

She also compared Ora to Regina George, the mean Queen Bee in hit film Mean Girls. “It’s like a mean girl situation in school. Rita was definitely like Regina George!” Rodriguez claimed.

Rodriguez dated Harris sometime in 2014, shortly after Harris broke up with Ora. In addition to that, the aspiring model revealed that there were times she would bump into Ora several times in the past. Rodriguez described the interactions as “never nice”.

Rita Ora’s Side Of The Story

So far, Rita Ora has not given any comment about Rodriguez’ claims. Ora dated Calvin Harris in 2013 but the couple split up after one year. The split was made public by Calvin Harris when he posted about it on his Twitter account. Ora, on the other hand, explained that Harris was her first love. She also though that he “had her back”.

Did Rita Ora let her personal feelings cloud her judgment in America’s Next Top Model as what Rodriguez claims? Or did Rodriguez assume too much?

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