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America’s Got Talent: Ryan Seacrest Not Keen To Replace Nick Cannon

America’s Got Talent is in search of a new host. This is after Nick Cannon made it clear that he has no plans to return to the show. Meanwhile, there are speculations that Ryan Seacrest may just be the perfect candidate to take over from Cannon as the show’s new host.

There is no turning back for former America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon. TMZ had a quick chat with the TV personality at the Los Angeles airport, where Cannon confirmed that he will not be AGT’s host next season. Moreover, the outlet notes that Cannon does not look concerned that he will be sued by the network with regard to his contract.

America’s Got Talent To Get Ryan Seacrest?

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life opined that Ryan Seacrest will be the right person to succeed Cannon’s role in the reality show. One of the reasons cited by the publication is that since American Idol said its goodbye after 15 seasons, Seacrest has had an open slot in his schedule. Moreover, the TV host is reportedly a natural when it comes to undiscovered talent.

The publication reports that Seacrest looked shocked upon learning that Cannon left America’s Got Talent. The former American Idol host said, “That’s the first I’m hearing about it. He’s great on that show.” In addition, Seacrest commented that America’s Got Talent was “a fantastic show and can even be around forever.”

However, when asked if he is willing to wet his shoes and host America’s Got Talent Season 12, the source notes that the host was coy with his response. “This is so much breaking news. I can’t ingest it,” said Seacrest.

Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest Together Again?

The outlet notes if Seacrest accepts the AGT hosting gig, he will be reunited with Americal Idol judge Simon Cowell. According to the publication, the Simon-Ryan banter is well-loved by their supporters. Seeing the two in one show will just be like the old times. However, it remains to be seen whether Seacrest is interested in it or not.

The America’s Got Talent reality show started out in 2006. The show initially had Regis Philbin as its host. Afterward, Jerry Springer took over and became the show’s host for two seasons. The hosting stint eventually landed on Nick Cannon’s lap. The Drumline star hosted the show for eight seasons.

Meanwhile, when America’s Got Talent returns this year, it will be the show’s 12th season. Howie Mandel, Spice Girls member Mel B., Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell are the judges for NBC’s reality show.

Do you think Ryan Seacrest will accept the hosting gig when offered to him? Share your thoughts with us!

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