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America’s Got Talent: Nick Cannon Not Returning After ‘Black Card Joke’ Issue

Nick Cannon is leaving America’s Got Talent after eight seasons with it. This came after his “black card” joke in a Showtime comedy special, which purportedly disparaged the reputation of NBC. Although NBC, which airs the reality singing contest every summer, eventually decided to let the joke pass, the TV host thought it was a threat he couldn’t allow.

In his Stand Up, Don’t Shoot comedy special, Cannon joked that the network was making him lose his “black card.” This insinuated that the network wanted him to show less swagger when hosting America’s Got Talent. On Feb. 10, TMZ reported that NBC executives were annoyed by the joke because it threatens the network’s brand.

Nick Cannon Is Walking Away From America’s Got Talent For Good

Eventually, NBC decided to let go of the joke and did not fire Cannon, who possibly have breached his contract with the network. It was the actor-turned-TV-host, however, that thought it was time for him to move on from AGT. On a Facebook post, he said he was disappointed to be threatened with termination for a joke about his race that aims to bring communities closer together.

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“To be publicly reprimanded and ridiculed over a joke about my own race is completely wrong and I have to do something about it.” Cannon said that a lot of his “mentors” (he did not specify who) told him that “The System” would come down on him because he was being vocal about “too many truths.” The TV host said this was not the first time that executives threatened him over something he had said as part of his commentaries.

The AGT is a hit summertime show for NBC, and Cannon has been successfully hosting it since 2009. The TV host admitted, though, that he may have breached his contract with the network. In fact, he said it was his fault that he signed such a contract, adding that he asked his team to look into it and possibly make a few changes for next projects.

In a recent interview with The Howard Stern Show, Cannon commented that if NBC fires him, he will then sue them. He joked that “NBC hates black people.”

This May Be The End Of The Line For Nick?

In the same Facebook post, Cannon hinted that this may be the end of his Hollywood career. Threats because of remarks like his make him question if he wants to be a part of an industry. He said the industry is being controlled by only six major corporations, and the number of “minority executives is dismal.”

That being said, Cannon claimed that “true equality” in the industry is impossible. Hopefully, America’s Got Talent is not the end of the road for the TV host, who’s an extremely talented comedian and host.

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