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American Horror Story Season 7: Ryan Murphy Addresses Donald Trump Storyline

Good news or not? American Horror Story Season 7 will not have President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as characters. Creator Ryan Murphy clarified this on Friday as he accepted the Television Showmanship of the Year distinction.

Murphy said that the themes of American Horror Story have always been “allegories.” There would be no Trump or Clinton characters in Season 7. But after looking over at Sarah Paulson, who presented him the award, he joked he might consider playing her as Trump aide’s, Kellyanne Conway.

American Horror Story Is A Horrific Spin On Politics

Earlier, Murphy said that American Horror Story Season 7 will tackle the last presidential elections of 2016. He revealed this on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on February 15. Back then, he said that although they don’t have a title yet, the season that will start filming in June will focus on the elections.

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When asked if Trump will be a character in Season 7 of the FX anthology series, Murphy answered “maybe.” That being said, many also assumed that Clinton, who went toe-to-toe with Trump in the November elections, will also play a role.

But that is not what the showrunner is saying now. He implied that his consumption of “three martinis in 20 minutes” was the reason he hinted a Trump character to Cohen. In a separate report on The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy also said he wants a new actress to play Monica Lewinsky. “I’m interested in seeing a young, new person go through that brutality as Monica did,” Murphy explained.

Details About Season 7 Scant

When American Horror Story Season 6 ended last year, we scantily have any details or information about what the next season will have in store. What Murphy gave us a glimpse into is his process. He teased that Season 7 will take place in modern times.

Right now, the only confirmation we have is that Paulson and Evan Peters will be part of the cast. We also had a teaser from FX after the finale of Roanoke in November 2016. In the said teaser, the network hinted to a potential “nautical theme” for Season 7.

Murphy also said that there would be a “crossover season” in the series’ seventh season. We might see characters from Murder House (Season 1) and Coven (Season 3).

FX announced that American Horror Story Season 7 has also been renewed for Season 8 and 9. FX said even the network doesn’t know anything about what the next season holds. They’ll probably only know once they see the premiere.

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