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‘Alias’ Reunion: Michael Vartan Talks Possibility

Michael Vartan wants an Alias Reunion and he wants it now. The actor recently talks about the possibility of this happening and why he wants the reboot to happen soon. Moreover, Vartans dished on what happened behind-the-scenes of the series’ final episode.

With series reboots becoming a trend these days, it looks like the American action series, Alias, may just get one too. E! News chatted with former Alias cast member Michael Vartan on his views about the reunion. In the interview, the actor revealed that he will take up the offer, if the reboot will happen.

Alias Reunion News Update

The Arrangement actor did note that if there is an Alias reunion in the works, it has to happen now! “I always joke that if they do, they better hurry up, because I’m getting up there in age,” said the Vartan. Moreover, Vartan intimated that the “running down hallways” scene will eventually become difficult for him to do. “I’m not 30 anymore so..,”said Vartan.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight reports that Vartan considers Alias as “one of his favorite memories of all time.” He went on to say, “When you work with people, especially people who are so incredible … you really become a family.” However, the initial report notes that the actor has not heard of any planned reboots happening for the Alias crew in the near future.

Michael Vartan Wants The Old Team Back

Vartan hopes that if it happens, he wishes to work with the same group of people, rather than introduce a new cast. Moreover, Vartan revealed on his interview with the aforementioned source that the cast and crew still keep in touch even though the show aired its last episode in 2006.

The Never Been Kissed actor further revealed what happened during the last scene for Alias’ series finale. Vartan recalled that the entire crew were “weeping like babies.” Vartan reasoned that the Alias team really bonded then. This is because they work more or less “17 hours on set” every Friday for five years.

Alias was a television series created by J.J. Abrams. Apart from Vartan, Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Carl Lumby, Kevin Weisman and Victor Garber were the series’ cast members who stayed till the series ended. The main storyline of the series revolved around Garner’s character, Sydney Bristow, a double-agent for the Central Intelligence Authority (CIA).

Alias ran for five seasons until it officially bowed out of the small screen on May 22, 2006. Do you want an Alias Reunion to happen with its old cast or not? Share your thoughts with us!

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