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Agents of Shield: Is There Another Death

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD made its return, continuing its fourth season where it left off. Agent Phil Coulson and his team look ready to get down to business. The big deal going on with the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now involves the Sokovia Accords being signed, following the events of Captain America: Civil War. The agents are still handling the various consequences of that event.

Meanwhile, the team is dealing with the aftermath of Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider. The LMD (Life Model Decoys) also serves as another issue the team needs to handle. Things certainly aren’t going to be boring.

Agents of SHIELD – Another Death?

Season 4 Episode 9 opened with LMD May successfully making her way into the group’s ranks. She does it pretty sneakily, too; no one’s the wiser. The Artificial Intelligence AIDA takes advantage of the situation and makes to go after the Darkhold.

As the Agents of SHIELD regain control of the situation, Mack cuts off AIDA’s head. Radcliffe turns out to be behind it all, apparently intent on gaining the tome’s secrets. Eternal life seems to be the end-goal.

Meanwhile, Senator Nadeer brother Vijay’s powers are unlocked. It takes a messy bit of action to get there, however. Both Nadeer and henchman Shockley pull out some threats to get him to activate his super speed. Nadeer still ends up shooting him and he falls into the ocean anyway. But his death looks far from confirmed, as a cocoon starts chrysalizing around him.

Rise of the Machines… Again

For some reason, the theme of the AI taking over and trying to over throw humans is being tackled quite often in the MCU. Avengers: Age of Ultron stands out as another fascinating example of this (no wonder the group was so wary of a Terminator-like uprising). Mack’s references to “all the movies” where a similar conflict happens seems to be a point of comic relief during the episode.

It does, however, foreshadow the remaining episodes of the LMD Arc. The trailer for the next episode, The Patriot (connections to Cap, anyone?) seems to indicate that the LMD May has some nasty plans for real-life May. What do you think next for the Agents of SHIELD? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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