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7 Seemingly Cute Anime Series That Will Screw with You

You probably have heard from a friend or a family member that anime is just for kids. We can’t really blame them because anime looks like a more detailed version of PowerPuff Girls. However, what they don’t know is that the anime genre is vast and seemingly cute anime series aren’t how they appear to be.

Here at Tripped Media, we give you the seven seemingly cute anime series that will screw with you!

1. Magical Girl Madoka Magica

It’s just a bunch of magical girls in their frilly dresses and wands, what could go wrong? Madoka Magica is a perfect example of never to judge an anime by its cute girls. This anime follows the life of Madoka who has no unique qualities and is living a normal life. One day, she becomes a magical girl who defends society from the witches. This anime deals with suicide, murder, and death with brilliant execution while substituting candies to bloodbaths. The dreamscapes in this anime are sure to give you nightmares. This anime is certainly not for the faint of heart!

2. Serial Experiments Lain

7 Seemingly Cute Anime Series

Photo CRedit: Youtube/Sandbo Chang

Serial Experiments Lain is again one seemingly cute anime series that will leave you wondering about your own existence. Remember the movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson? This anime is quite similar to that, however, Serial Experiments Lain goes even more in-depth with existentialism. The story is about a timid 14-year-old named Lain who has no basic knowledge about computers and technology. One day, she receives an email from her classmate who committed suicide just a few days ago. Her life then completely turns upside down as the boundary between real life and the wired becomes thin. This is one of those animes that require deep focus and probably a rewatch to get a good grasp of what’s happened.

3. Mawaru Penguindrum

7 Seemingly Cute Anime Series

Photo Credit: Youtube/chimerayuri4

Two boys wanted to make their sickly sister happy but sadly she dies. Revived by a penguin hat, their sister’s personality changed as she commanded them to look for the Penguindrum. Don’t get fooled by the cosplaying chick and the three cute penguins in the background, this anime is not what it seems to be! With incest as an undertone, this anime shows despair, which everyone could relate to.

The character-driven plot seems jumbled up at first but as every episode passes, characters and the story unfold. It has a lot of symbolism and you would probably need to take a closer look to catch every minor detail that turns out to be a significant element to the plot. One advantage of this anime is that it is actually based on the Sarin Gas Attack of 1995 in Shinjuku station in Japan. You would have to research more on this though, as the terrorists’ reason for their attack is interesting.

4. When the Cicadas Cry

7 Seemingly Cute Anime Series

Photo Credit: Youtube/AcrylikTV

“Oh, another anime with a bunch of cute girls doing cute things!” That is what you will probably think of when you see the poster for this anime. Make no mistake though, and never ever watch this anime with your parents or with your little sibling. This anime turns into a gore fest and it is not for someone with a weak heart. With blood splattering everywhere and the most brutal deaths, this series crumples logic like a sheet of paper. Some may say that this anime lacks plot and is just pure bloodbath, but one thing is for sure, its death scenes are nightmarish.

5. Perfect Blue

7 Seemingly Cute Anime Series

Photo Credit: Youtube/Chris Stuckmann

Mirma Kirigoe is an aspiring actress who just left her idol group. She was just a small-time star but her life gets weirder when she discovered that she is being stalked by someone who is out to kill everyone who tarnishes her reputation. Even though the story centers on the life of a young idol, this animated movie has extreme nudity and violence scattered throughout the scenes. It even has a realistic rape scene in it. Never watch this with your family as scenes could get extremely awkward and inappropriate for a family bonding time.

6. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

7 Seemingly Cute Anime Series

Photo Credit: Youtube/FUNimation

PowerPuff Girls, anyone? Yes, the animation for this anime looks westernized but it is surely not for kids. With sexual innuendos and scenes, this series hides its mature theme in vibrant colors and cute animation. It has a nymphomaniac main character and another with a heavily implied sexual fetish. It is about two angels banished from heaven for being foul-mouthed. Sexual jokes aside, this action-packed anime will surely keep you entertained.

7. Shinsekai Yori/From the New World

7 Seemingly Cute Anime Series

Photo Credit: Youtube/Aukaiva

This masterpiece and underrated anime is set in a utopian world where social norms are entirely different from what we know today. In this anime world, homosexuality and other social issues like gender equality no longer exist. Humans have developed powers that made them god-like and on the very top of the food chain. A group of friends made a discovery about how their world came to be and they began questioning the rules and the foundations that were set to keep their society from collapsing. They began questioning their own humanity as they discover their origins. Shinsekai Yori is a coming of age anime that challenges one’s own morals. It will make you ask yourself whether inhumane actions are justified for the greater good.

Now that we’ve given to you our list, what do you think? Are there more that you could add? Which of these have you seen and which do you think is the best?

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