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24: Legacy – No Jack Bauer In Sight, Is The Spin Off Worth Watching

24: Legacy premiered a few hours ago after the Super Bowl. With this new spin off in place, will Jack Bauer’s absence have any effect on the show? Does the series carry the same potential just like the original to foster a strong following? Read on to find out to know more about FOX’s newest show.

24: Legacy Kicks Off With Riveting Storyline

24: Legacy brings back the stories of a man trying to stop a terrorist plot from taking place on American soil. Fans remember the original 24 series with the iconic Jack Bauer racing against the ticking clock. The reboot will feature Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter.

TV Guide reports that Eric is returning from what appears to be an “overnight shift” as a driver for upscale clients. As a former soldier, Eric and his wife Nicole (Anna Diop) are trying to get back to their normal lives after he returned from overseas. He just got back from a top secret mission to kill extremist leader Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, and just before he even gets to change out of his work clothes, he gets a call from his former squad mate Ben Grimes (Charlie Hofheimer) about an alarming situation.

Eric finds out that their covers have been blown and Bin-Khalid’s men are after them. Eric pings his squad to make sure that they’re safe, but no one responds. Despite being put under Witness Protection so they could elude a fatwah, Eric realizes that his friends are being picked off one by one. Worse, their new identities and locations have been leaked.

For now, the outlier plot involves a high school student named Amira (Kathryn Prescott) who recently moved to the US from Chechnya. Things get more creepily interesting when her friend Drew (Zayne Emory) sees Amira exchange messages about planning an attack at a local school. Drew then goes on to tell his chemistry teacher about what he saw. However, it was revealed that Amira was actually exchanging messages with the very same teacher Drew previously spoke to. The concept of sleeper cells is introduced, but it’s still vague how this will jive with Eric’s story.

24:Legacy Cast, Characters, Air Date

Throughout the episode, Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto), former National Director of CTU is introduced. Rebecca left the force so she could help her husband John (Jimmy Smits) run his campaign. Scandal‘s Dan Bucatinsky has been roped in to play computer genius Andy Shalowitz.

24: Legacy airs every Monday at 8/7c on FOX Network.

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