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2 Broke Girls: There Might Be No Season 7 In The Horizon

Are we seeing the last of Kat Dennings (Max Black) and Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing) in 2 Broke Girls? We’re almost halfway done with January, and we still haven’t heard anything from CBS whether the show will return for Season 7. Or, whether it has been canceled.

Currently, the show is on its sixth season with only two episodes left before it makes its final bow. The next two episodes are scheduled to be shown on Jan. 16 and 23.

2 Broke Girls had Strong Years in the Past

When 2 Broke Girls premiered six years ago; it had an average of 11.29 million viewers, and gained enough rating in the 18-49 demographic to get renewed immediately for a second season. On its first year, it had an 18-49 demo rating of 4.25%.

2 Broke GirlsPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of 2BrokeGirls

That was pretty strong for a series that did not star any A-list Hollywood actors. But over the years, the show had a steady decline in ratings. By the fifth season, it was only averaging 1.61 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That’s a total of 6.42 million views, live and same-day ratings.

This sixth season, it averages about 1.38 rating in the 18-49 demographic, equaling to 5.6 million viewers. That’s a long way down from its average of almost 12 million viewers during its first season. For 2 Broke Girls, those days are long gone by now.

CBS Shows’ Viewership Declining?

Networks like CBS use these ratings to decide whether or not a show is still viable for a renewal. The more important ratings are the C3 ratings, which includes a 3-day window of advertisement viewing. However, this particular rating is not made available to the press.

By comparison, other shows are failing in the rating game, as well. 2 Broke Girls is somehow in the middle part of the ranking of CBS shows. If we’re talking about the important 18-49 demographic, shows like Ransom, Elementary, Pure Genius, Code Black, Madam Secretary, The Odd Couple, and Macgyver are faring worse than 2 Broke Girls.

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