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VR Console 2016: World To Soon ‘Taste Everything’ in Virtual Reality

Let the “shut up and take my money” meme come up as this one’s the coolest VR console 2016 news yet. Virtual reality is no longer a thing of the future with the onslaught of VR headsets up for grabs these days. But humanity doesn’t stop there.

Reports have it that a group of young developers are creating a future with the VR console 2016 face electrodes technology. It’s creating a reality where humans get to taste everything in virtual reality.

VR Console 2016 Introduces Face Electrodes

The face electrodes technology allows users to taste and chew while inside a virtual reality. For example, a user is having dinner in virtual reality where there’s a mouth watering banquet. Normally users won’t be able to get a taste of it.

Now, with the face electrodes people can finally taste whatever they put inside their mouth. New Scientist reports the user will also be able to feel the food’s texture inside the mouth.



Future VR Accessories to Let Users Feel Texture, Taste Different Flavors

The new VR console 2016 technology works with electrodes placed on the user’s face. While wearing the virtual reality headset he or she can taste food even when there’s no food as the technology generates temperature changes.

This technology is especially beneficial to people who are trying to lose weight and those who have restricted diets. It could be life changing too if developed properly as it could curb the mortality rate brought by obesity.

Sony may possibly introduce the new technology to its newly-released PS4 VR headset. However, it’s still on its development stage.

Developers Nimesha Ranasinghe and Ellen Yi-Luen Do from the National University of Singapore said the experience would be hollow in VR if they aren’t successful enabling the users physically feel the food.

This problem is being given a solution by another group of young people from Japan. The team is developing a technology called electrical muscle stimulation which simulates food while people chew on solid food.

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