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Samsung Joins The Nostalgia Bandwagon, Revives Staedtler Pencil; New Tablets Released!

The South Korean company, Samsung, decided to be nostalgic at the Mobile World Congress 2017 when it introduced their new S Pen stylus. Moreover, the company also launched two new tablets for their consumers.

Noris Digital Debuts At The MWC 2017

The Mobile World Congress 2017 kicked off their four-day event yesterday, Feb. 27. One of the companies who showcased their new offerings was South Korea’s tech company, Samsung. reported that the company joined Nokia’s nostalgia bandwagon and launched a rather familiar look for their S Pen stylus called the Noris Digital.

The outlet noted that the stylus, designed in collaboration with Staedtler, was officially unveiled at the MWC 2017. Instead of the pencil’s yellow and black combination like what kids were used to, the South Korean company opted to use black and green as the stylus’ color.

Though old school, the pen is a powerful tool. The source noted, the pen “detects 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity.” Meanwhile, the other end of the pen can be used to carry out more onscreen functions, one of which is “digital annotation of PDFs.”

Moreover, the outlet revealed that the stylus will work with the tech giant’s newly launched tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book. The publication reported that the multinational company has yet to provide further information about their new S pen stylus. The cost and the Noris Digital pen’s release date is still unknown.

Samsung New Tablets Launched

With regard to the new tablets, ABS-CBN News reported that the two tablets took the spotlight as the company’s main product launch. The Galaxy Book sports a 12-inch screen and will run using Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab S3 is smaller. It only has a 10.6-inch screen. However, though small in size, Samsung added a new feature to the tablet. The latter report noted that it will have the Harman-owned AKG speakers. The source noted that the Galaxy Tab S3 is the first to use these speakers ever since the company bought Harman last year. The South Korean company acquired the American company for $8 billion.

Even though Samsung impressed everyone with their new devices, people still expected some news about Samsung’s smartphones. The outlet noted that Samsung will reveal their Samsung Galaxy S8 in April.

In 2016, the multinational company pulled out their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones off the market. This is after issues related to its faulty battery led to “some devices to catch fire.” This took a toll on the company’s profits and consumer trust rating. It seemed Samsung lost the trust of some of their consumers.

Meanwhile, with Samsung’s intent to launch the S8 at a later time, their competitors took this opportunity to put their mobile handsets in the spotlight. What can you say about the devices Samsung launched? Share your thoughts with us!

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